Roney Peter


WHAT I DO: I help companies in implementing their sales and marketing initiatives into strategic and proven revenue channels

WHO I WORK WITH: Since 2006, In this role, I have worked with 80s of start-ups, SMB businesses and enterprises and have deliver a direct positive impact on their top and bottom lines.

MY STORY: As a Marketing and Sales leader in multiple start-ups and emerging software firms, I learned many skills and now I impart this knowledge to my clients and make them successful with their venture.

HOW I DO IT: It all starts with an assessment of your idea, concept and requirements. I will work with you to define this more concretely and define an execution plan with you. Once defined, our team will design and re-engineer your sales and marketing strategy to boost your revenue and open different channels for sales.

WHY IT WORKS: I bring 10+ years of best practice thinking made up of 500’s of ideas, concepts and requirements I discussed or brainstormed with clients. Using this experience, I start helping you in bringing fresh perspective and new approaches to create UNIQUE sales and marketing channels. Helping you find how you can create, enhance and scale your digital solutions as your customer base grow.

WHY IT MATTERS: You want to best Sales and Marketing company and provide awesome digital experience for your brands and products to your customers. To achieve this, you want to bring experienced team who has been there and done that before. Team which can bring fresh perspective in defining your sales and go-to-market strategy for your digital / technology solutions .