All in white label you keep the repeated business

Step 1

We work together with your team to define the GOTOMARKET Strategy and plan the Target Geographies ,Companies and Industries. Simantenoeslay our Market Research team works to get the decision makers ( CXO, VP, Director) Level professional contact information. 

Step 2

We build a list of suspects and prospects and collaboratively work with your team. Our team prepares the messages and pitches and  finalize the messeging for e-mail campaigns, Calling campaigns, LinkedIn and social media campaigns.

Step 3

Our Team executes the Account  Based Marketing Campaigns and handles the prospects queries and does all their response handling until the lead is mature and ready for the first level discussion.

Step 4

Once the Lead is mature and we identify the requiremnts. We engage you with the End Customer for further discussions . We block calendars for you and the end the customer and in real time give you reminders for your meeting and help you come prepared on the call.

Step 5 ( Our USPs)

Unlike any other Lead Gen company . We help you till the closer of the deal. We do regular follow-ups, nurture the lead and keep the end customer engaged so that You close the projects and get the ROI of your investment . We commit a 10 X ROI on your investment in us. 

The best Part

We work in a white label engagement model and represent your brand to thousands of Decision Makers in your target market. You get to sign the contract directly with the customer to get repeated business. The customer is yours forever.